Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Round-up of 25 printable horse and pony themed freebies - Pferde - freebies

Round-up of free horse & pony themed printables
- free horse & pony themed downloads

for horse and pony themed children parties, 
+ stationeries, gifts, wall decorations and toys for horse lovers

1) Free printable pony party kit: tags, cupcake toppers, invitation, stationery and more from gaddie and tood.

2) Free printable horse cupcake toppers from the bare foot seamstress.

3) Free printable horse party hats from the alison show.

4) Free printable horse treat bag from traktatie maken.

5) Free printable vintage horse greeting card from free-pretty-things-for-you via flickr.

6) Free printable horses and hearts garland from dans mon bocal.

7) Free printable quote  wall art (in different color options): keep calm and love horses from full of great ideas.

8) Free printable instant wall art with vintage horse graphics from the graphics fairy.

9) Free printable horse mobile (- perfect for nursery decoration) from dans mon vocal.

10) Free printable horse paper toy (natural) from paper toys.

11) Free printable horse paper toy (stylized - 5 different color options) (+ tutorial) from faltmanufaktur.

12) Free printable horse paper toy (stylized) from paper model.

13) Free printable unicorn horse paper toy from macula.

14) Free printable horse paper doll from karens paper dolls.

15) Free printable free standing paper horse template (+ tutorial) from handmade charlotte.

16) Free printable horse stationery from sprarklebox.

17) Free printable horse templates for movable DIY cardboard horses from design sponge.

18) Free printable horse template (+ other animal templates) for DIY cardboard horse from small for big.

19) Free horse color chart printable from angel fire.

20) Free printable paper horse from canon.

21) Free printable valentine horse children wall art from afordahorse.

22) Free printable horse greeting cards and envelopes from free printable.

23) Free printable miniature carrousel mini horses from imprimibles.

24) Free printable horse pattern paper from me in lila park.

25) Free printable horse doodle border from me in lila park.

26) Free printable horse pattern paper from me in lila park.

☞ ☞ ☞27) Free printable horse party kit (also pdf files) from me in lila park.☜ ☜ ☜

AND a party horse especially for the visitors of this post♡:

free printable party horse

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ♞

Und für die Deutschsprachigen unter euch noch dieser Stundenplan-Link:

xx) Kostenlos ausdruckbarer Pferde-Stundenplan von pferdefreunde-schuhe.

150 x 150 button:


  1. Thank you for the horse Roundup of links,
    I found some nice things,
    Love Christine in Italy xx

  2. Thank you for the pretty party horse! So cute! :)

  3. Free Printable Horse Bookmarks Available from CJO Photo!